Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Still Working

Wow, school has taken up so much time. By the way, thanks everyone for your comments of encouragement. I am actually surprised that anyone is reading this. I mostly did it to keep a record for myself, so I guess I need to try to make it interesting for others to read.
I am now in the summer semester, and about to start work on turbine engines. When I am done with that in about 8 weeks, I will be able to take my first FAA exams and become licensed as a 'P' (powerplant mechanic). Then all I have to take is 2 more semesters working on the Airframe courses and I will be done with the FAA part. If I want to get any sort of degree from the school, I still have to do some general subjects: math, communications etc. Not everyone in the class cares about that, they just want to get the FAA licensing and get to work. I am not sure what I am going to do. So far I have only done one of the required classes, English, and it was hard to add that extra work. I still have a 4.0, so it is not the work, but the time required that makes it more difficult.
It looks like THE PLANE is about to do another road trip. I just completed a 60 hour internship at a restoration hanger in Heber (part of the course). Just the type of work I want to do - it was a great experience. Anyway, the owner of the business is going to make room in his hangar to put my plane in there so I can work on it out of the weather. Only problem is, it is about 45 miles from here, so I will have to work out a schedule to make sure I get up there and do it. But there is a lot of expertise, help and support at Heber, so I have more chance of success up there.

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  1. Paul, please call Vern in Juneau, thanks and the very best to you...